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Composer & Sound Engineer 
Instrumental, Contemporary Classical & Film Scoring

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Making music that tells a story

I enjoy writing music. Most of what I write is instrumental and along the lines of Classical, however I am open to writing anything if I feel the inspiration for it. I like to experiment with different instrumentation, however the one constant is I try to tell a story with my music. Whenever I make music I strive to create an emotional landscape and lead the listener through a story that is guided by the music, but is unique to them.

In short, I really like music and my hope is that you can get something out of taking a listen. Music is my passion, but it is not my job. That being said, if you are directing a short film or creating an indie game and you like what you hear, shoot me an email. If I can make time and if I am confident I can meet the needs of your project, I am open to composing and producing a soundtrack for you.

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