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My name is Mitchell Hedrick and I am a composer based in Alaska. Music is my passion, however it is not my job. I am an Electrical Engineer by trade, and I am enjoying my career in that field so far. That being said music is definitely a big part of my life outside of work and personal relationships.

I first really delved into the world of music when I became involved with my universities film club. Up to this point my music experience involved playing various string instruments, primarily the bass and cello. When I joined film club, I realized that since I had no experience in the field I couldn't do much besides tag along and hold the boom pole.

I wanted to contribute, and noticed that no one really had much music experience in the club. I decided to take the plunge and offered to compose soundtracks for peoples projects if they were interested.

My first composition was for my friend Fischer Knapp, for a short film called "Shit Happens." He was an easy customer, because his only requirement was that I make a sad song and a happy song. And so I made a couple short pieces on the piano and we got them recorded by one of my classmates who could play piano.

These pieces turned out alright and did just fine for the film, which was just a 5 minute sketch on YouTube anyways. However, I found the process so fun and engaging that I immediately wanted to do more. After this point I started digging into the weeds of music theory and learning all I can about the various compositional tools I can use and to what effect. I continued making music for the film club, and even took the leap of directing my own short film and wrote the soundtrack for that. Then I started creating music outside of the club just for the sake of making it.

Now I have a growing catalog of work that I plan on keeping track of using this website. If you are interested in checking it out, you can find my music under the Portfolio tab. Thank you!

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